DESCRIPTIONThe Rise Armament RAVE 140 Super Sporting Trigger, sometimes referred to as the “Black Fallout” is one of the most popular drop-in triggers on the market. When manufacturing the RAVE-140, Rise starts with precision machined components made from aerospace grade steel and aluminum then carefully assembles each unit according to strict AS9100 aerospace requirements. Each trigger is quality checked before being packaged for resale.The RAVE 140 is a great choice for competitors, target shooters and hunters alike. This trigger group is a substantial improvement over standard mil-spec triggers. It features a 3.5 pound trigger pull with minimal take-up, crisp break and a short reset.Builders will appreciate that the entire trigger group is fully assembled in an 6061 aluminum enclosure making installation a breeze. The trigger also comes with complementary anti-walk pins.The RAVE 140 is considered by some to be the best drop-in trigger for the money. Why not give it a try for yourself?KEY FEATURESSmooth, crisp break and a short Quik-Klik reset you can feelComfortable trigger blade that sits farther back for enhanced controlElementary installation, simple and fast with no set screws to tightenSingle-stage, 3.5-lb. pullNoWay Take-up – No trigger take-up before engaging the sear, so trigger movement begins with the pull required to move and actuate the sear to release the hammerInterior parts are S7 tool steel with heavy-hit hardening then black nitride finished for enhanced strength and corrosion resistanceIncludes free anti-walk trigger pins for secure installationSleek appearance to accompany its enhanced performance

Rise Armament RAVE-140 Flat Trigger

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