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Cerakote, Is It Really Worth It?

Throughout the years of applying Cerakote, I've been asked multiple times if paying money to get your firearm professionally Cerakoted (by us of course) is worth it. Like with many things firearm related, the answer really depends on what you as the end user want.

Let's take the rifles we produce in house, the Freedom and the Revolution. When these are produced, like many aluminum parts, they come in a black anodized finish with Cerakote color options available at no extra charge. We do this to provide you, the end user, the best possible value for your hard earned dollar.

While many places charge a lot of money for Cerakote, we've tried to keep pricing low for you. This is why we don't charge extra for single colors on our production lines of rifles. When you purchase a firearm, you want to make it your own. Make it something you're proud to own. Something you can pass down to your children.

How does anodize differ from Cerakote?

Anodizing is electrically charged and permeates the aluminum substrate. Cerakote is sprayed over top of the substrate. Can they both still get gouged and scratched? Short answer, yes they can.

Both are very hard, durable coatings. I would make the argument anodizing is a bit tougher than Cerakote, but your color options are much more limited. On top of that, when we Cerakote over top of anodizing, you get the best of both worlds. The hardness and durability of anodizing, but with the color and pattern options of Cerakote.

Cerakote also provides protection against rust. Have an old shotgun that's sat around and rusted over the years? We can remove the rust and apply Cerakote to protect the firearm for decades. The only thing Cerakote can't do is fill in pitting. Cerakote is applied at around 1 mil of thickness, which won't fill pitting or deep gouges. However, the material will still be coated and protected.

So, is it worth your money to take something that your life depends on and make it your own? Make it just as unique as you are? Something you can take pride in owning? Something you can look at daily and say "yeah that's mine forever"?

While I can't decide that for you, my answer is a very loud YES!

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